Eat healthy. Prevent food wastage. Save money. Track habits.

We noticed that a lot of people waste food. Maybe they forget that they have something lying in their refrigerator that eventually rots. Or maybe, they buy excess food while going grocery shopping which leads to wastage. Or maybe, they just don't have the time to keep track of and consume their groceries on time. Some people also complain about not being able to eat fresh and healthy or spending too much money on groceries because they do not have the time to keep track of expiring items. Or they just can't decide what to cook for dinner! We were unhappy about this and wanted to do something. We think Phresh can help.


We used Swift and Objective-C to create an iOS application to provide users easy access to their food items. We took the user provided image from the user's mobile phone and passed it to the backend for processing. Flask and Python came to our rescue in the backend and helped us extract crucial information from images and process them. We also used to ngrok to establish a tunnel to our local host for transmitting data across the phone and the server.

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